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MAY 24, 2021

Distributed Ledger: a diverse market showing 100-fold growth in the next decade

The market for distributed ledger solutions, one of the keystones of digital transformation, will increase from USD1.5 billion to USD141 billion between 2020 and 2030, driven largely by supply chain audit.
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MAY 20, 2021

Autonomous Robotic Systems including drones, personal assistance robots and factory machinery to see ten-fold growth in the next decade

New Transforma Insights reports covering one of the twelve pillars of Digital Transformation shows the use of autonomous robotics systems will increase from USD6.7 billion to USD43 billion in recurring revenue between 2020 and 2030, driven largely by precision specialist robots.
region: ALL sector: ALL Autonomous Robotic Systems
APR 22, 2021

Transforma Insights rates Microsoft the leading hyperscaler in supporting enterprise digital transformation

A new report from Transforma Insights compares the capabilities of Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft across 11 technology areas, including AI, IoT and distributed ledger, and dozens of functions to determine which is best able to meet the needs of enterprises.
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APR 19, 2021

IoT Technology Will Save More Than Eight Times the Energy it Consumes by 2030 and Drive Strong Reduction in CO2 Emissions and Water Usage

New research from Transforma Insights, 6GWorld and InterDigital outlines how IoT will positively impact air, water and energy resource consumption
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APR 16, 2021

New Transforma Insights forecast predicts 47 million connected drones globally in 2030

The Unmanned Aquatic & Aerial Vehicle market will generate USD10 billion in IoT revenue, with a growing importance for cellular and satellite connectivity as non-consumer use cases grow.
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FEB 26, 2021

Enterprises could save billions by adopting a 'Hyperscale IoT Connectivity' solution

Transforma Insights today published a White Paper, written in collaboration with Telia, find that companies could save USD117 billion, the equivalent of 28 per cent of IoT connectivity costs, by using a ‘Hyperscale IoT Connectivity’ solution.
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FEB 11, 2021

Digital Transformation research firm, Transforma Insights, launches User Group for executives navigating technology implementation

Transforma Insights today announced the launch of the Transforma Insights User Group, a year-round, engaged and informed member community, connecting enterprise technology adopters navigating their digital transformation journey.
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JAN 27, 2021

Enterprises will spend USD13 billion on Robotic Process Automation in 2030, but demand will decline with greater native automation

Transforma Insights today published its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology Insight Report 2021, which examines the evolution of this small but critical element of digital transformation, and one of the first ways that many enterprises will experience simple machine learning/AI. This blogpost includes our top level RPA forecast and perspectives on RPA market development.
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JAN 19, 2021

New Transforma Insights forecast reveals more detail of the connectivity used to connect the Internet of Things

Technology evolution and the growth of LPWA necessitates a different approach to forecasting IoT technologies. This is aptly demonstrated by Transforma Insights’ new Hyperconnectivity forecasts which provide ultra-granular views on adoption of 5G, LPWA and all other IoT connectivity technologies.
region: ALL sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of Things
NOV 11, 2020

IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) benchmarking report reveals the diversity of the marketplace

Transforma Insights today published the report ‘IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Peer Benchmarking 2020’ as part of its Advisory Service subscription. The report is based on detailed analysis of the strategies of twelve leading vendors of AEP capabilities (Altair, AWS, Clearblade, Ericsson, Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, SAP, Siemens, and Software AG) which between them represent a diverse cross-section of the IoT platform space.
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