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Webinar - New approaches for technical marketeers: ‘Disturbance Marketing’ and beyond

Marketing executives within technology vendors, from the CMO down, are key users of Transforma Insights’ research. Based on a new set of research and analysis undertaken by Brad Canham, VP Research, and Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, we share a set of innovative new perspectives and approaches specifically aimed at that technology marketing function. The technology fields upon which Transforma Insights focuses, including IoT and AI, are in a constant state of flux, and marketing strategies need to similarly evolve.

In this webinar, Brad and Matt will discuss some of the latest research that Transforma Insights has undertaken on new approaches to technology marketing, including:

  • ‘Disturbance Marketing’ – A new approach proposed by Transforma Insights to promote technology products and services to professionals in technical fields. It identifies specific ‘truths’ that are understood by insiders within a field and then disturbs them through provocative messaging aimed at challenging prevailing wisdom. We will explore how technology vendors can use this approach to better address informed technology buyers. Learn more in our report 'Disturbance Marketing: poking ‘truths’ to engage technologists'.
  • From the funnel to the moshpit: better mechanism for generating sales leads – The appeal of the marketing funnel is easy to understand, giving, as it does, the illusion of control of the process of generating and managing sales leads. But it has many weaknesses, not least its inability to cope with real-world complexity. We propose a few other approaches to increasing sales opportunities, from jigsaw puzzles and quilts to the moshpit. See the report 'The sales funnel: building momentum, dysfunction, or both?' for more details.
  • How to harness ‘Sales Intelligence’ – Your commercial team is often your greatest asset in understanding the evolving technical and commercial dynamics in the market, but many companies are too technology focused to value to tacit knowledge coming from the coal-face. Drawing on some of the recent work by Brad on the Vision Stack, we explore how to use your sales team as a guide to areas such as product development, market positioning, and pricing.
  • Learn to segment – In IoT the concept of the universally applicable IoT product is dead (most obviously as it relates to IoT platforms). In AI the same will soon be true. Everything is vertical. Tech vendors in IoT, AI and wider digital transformation need to know how to position their offering to meet vertical requirements and how to effectively segment the market to understand which opportunities they should shoot for. Such a segmentation needs to take account of complex questions of buying behaviour, channels and much more. Here we will share some of the extensive work Transforma Insights has done on segmenting market opportunity based on how truly addressable it might be.

A replay of the webinar is available here.


WHEN: 2023-12-18
WHERE: Virtual
vertical: ALL technology: ALL